AGS Group appoints three new training managers

Aug 10 | 2020

The AGS Group has announced the appointment of three of its managers to spearhead the Group’s FIDI FAIM training programme.

Edwin OomsEdwin Ooms is a 30-year global mobility veteran and manager of AGS KHZ Netherlands and has been a lead trainer for the FIDI Academy for over a decade. He was also part of the trainer’s team during a number of AGS’s exclusive FIDI Essentials in Moving (EiM) training events.

Karolien Geers, Manager of AGS Belgium, is a certified FIDI Academy trainer who speaks fondly of her first Essentials in Moving training experience back in 1999. Karolien commented, “I’m still doing business with people I met at that EiM course. I’m very excited about my next trainer experience.”

Payal Singh, Branch Manager for AGS India, joined the Group in 2006 and was appointed as an EiM trainer in 2016. Payal said, “As a trainer, the most encouraging thing is to see the progression of each attendant from day one to day five. I learn as much as I train with every EiM I teach.”

Photo: Edwin Ooms