Dale Collins: FIDI Board member

Aug 20 | 2020

Dale Collins from Graebel was approved by the FIDI General Assembly to serve on the Board of FIDI.

Dale CollinsDale said that he was honoured to have been accepted onto the Board and that he had the full backing of his company.  “Bill Graebel was exceptionally supportive,” he said.

Dale said that he was looking forward to serving on the Board and that it was also a great learning opportunity.  “The industry today more than ever is going through some significant transformation and I think it's going to be a watershed era for the next few years,” he said. “FIDI is going to take a step forward as an association within the mobility industry that certifies and clarifies the service rendered so that customers can buy with confidence.”

He continued: “I think FIDI has a very solid purpose that will continue to evolve so that we open our arms to embrace more of the industry effectively. We can be that ‘North Star’ to the industry so that all services can be measured, monitored and certified without any kind of conflict of interest across all parties.  It won't be easy, but I think FIDI’s purpose and direction is absolutely well cemented and it's now a question of how we move forward.”

Talking about the current pandemic Dale said that he believed the industry will get back to ‘rhythm and cadence’. “I'm looking at it with enthusiasm because I think some of the best opportunities ever are coming to our industry. Technology has ploughed through the industry in ways that are affecting us profoundly; everything from connectivity to clients and each other as well as to the individual assignees.”

He added: “Technology has put the power back in the hands of the consumer and changed the way in which people consume our services. Those who can provide a solid service with both assets and technology will be best placed in the future.”

Dale said that he didn’t think corporations would put all the buying power back to individuals, but they may embrace the principles involved. He said that this would mean the people rendering the service will have an increase in their ability to control more of the total move, which will be good for the industry.

He believes that the market for international moving will contract and inefficient companies will not survive.   “So, you've got to stay efficient and effective and it’s FIDI’s job to facilitate that.” He added that FIDI wanted to serve all companies, big and small, and make sure nobody was left behind. “We want to protect those that want the industry to be a way of life as much as a way of business.”

Photo:  Dale Collins