Erika becomes shareholder in just two years

Oct 08 | 2020

Erika Venturini has recently become a shareholder of Atlantis in Rio de Janeiro alongside the company’s CEO and President Karl Rafael Wollny.

Erika VenturiniShe has a background in marketing and communications in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, beverage, retail and telecoms.  Erika has been with the company for two years after starting to fill a temporary role that was planned for just three months. She quickly grew into a management role and now into part-ownership of the business.

“During the last two years I have learned a lot and was able to use all my previous knowledge to innovate and try to improve the quality of our services,” she explained. “We have created work processes, hired more specialised labour, invested in training and implemented new procedures to understand our customer's journey and retain their loyalty. The pandemic has made us become a little apprehensive and made us reshape our way of service and the way of working, which has become much more digital, something we did not have before.”

Erika said that the logistics sector in Brazil still has a long way to go. “I wake up every day with a lot of energy to come to work, always inspired by my team that has shown itself to be very efficient and competent.”

Photo:  Erika Venturini