Janet Turner brings new experience to DN in Massachusetts

Jan 04 | 2021

Janet Turner has joined DN Van Lines (headquartered in Northborough, Massachusetts), as director of corporate relocation. Janet has over 40 years of combined experience in international and domestic moving and transportation services.

Janet TurnerIn 1992 Janet Turner founded WISEnterprises NJ, a freight forwarding company that provided moving and relocation-related services to corporate clients and industry partners worldwide. In 2014, Janet merged her business with Accelerated Forwarders, a global moving services provider in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she worked on the development of an innovative domestic small shipment programme for the growing market trend towards flexible corporate relocation benefit programmes, among other projects.

“It’s a perfect fit at a most opportune time,” explained Oded Carmi, President of DN Van Lines. “Since our formation in 2006, our story has always been one of growth built on the relentless pursuit of service excellence. Janet’s portfolio of experience and relationships dovetails perfectly with little overlap into our existing business.  In fact, it effectively leverages the strength of our foundation and the DN Van Lines brand into the corporate relocation market.  That foundation stands strong to this day on the skills, experience and passion of our people. Janet’s passion for personal service is a welcome infusion.”

A lot of companies in the moving and relocation industry have been seriously impacted by the pandemic and resultant business environment in 2020. The silver lining is that the impact has also accelerated changes which present unique opportunities.

Janet Turner, with her vast industry experience, is quite attuned and perceptive to the market: “Small shipments often get overlooked but there is a growing need developing from changes in moving consumer preferences as well as corporate client requirements,” she said. “Corporations are offering their relocating transferees flexible options, including lump sum allowances.  Not every move involves two or three bedrooms of furniture and fixtures so the flexibility of our small shipment programme will meet this growing demand.”

Another unique opportunity for DN Van Lines is the fact that corporate relocation is not limited to just domestic movement. Under Janet’s direction, DN Van Lines can now also offer international services to their corporate clients.  Oded Carmi is confident of the perfect fit: “We’ve always had a global mindset and have never shied away from international opportunities.  Janet’s experience and relationships come at exactly the right time. While the international travel lockdowns associated with the current pandemic may make this move sound counter intuitive, both Janet and I recognise a vacuum in services tailored to overseas industry partners.  Our overseas colleagues rely on us as service partners here in the US to deliver on the service promises they make to their clients.  I believe our assets, physical locations and staffing are uniquely qualified to fill that void.”

Photo: Janet Turner