Aspire Mobility Group welcomes back Martin Jönsson

Feb 25 | 2021

Denmark’s Aspire Mobility Group has announced the return of Martin Jönsson to the company after a break of six years.

Martin Jönsson and Sara Lyrum Kronkjaer

Martin previously worked in Aspire’s Pricing Department where he was responsible for sales and key accounts management. In his new role as international business intelligence manager, he will lead a team of three people and report directly to Group Director Sara Lyrum Kronkjaer. 

Martin has extensive experience in pricing, finance, data analysis, expense management and tracking, and will be working to further develop these services to clients.

“We are very excited to have Martin back at Aspire Mobility Group, said Sara Lyrum Kronkjaer. Martin is very focussed on the structure of figures and data. With the need for data increasing in many ways, we are focussing on how it can benefit both clients and partners, which is of great importance to us at Aspire Mobility Group. At the same time, this will strengthen the focus on the customer experience, compliance, and business development to meet our clients’ expectations.”

Photo: Martin Jönsson and Sara Lyrum Kronkjaer.