Graham Burnett retires after 39 years at Bishop’s Move

Mar 22 | 2021

Graham Burnett is to retire after spending 39 years with the Bishop’s Move Group, initially working as an HGV foreman and later as Edinburgh branch warehouse general foreman.

Graham Burnett Graham started on 8 February, 1982 as an HGV driver and later worked on high-profile, high-security removals such as the Bentley Factory at Stoke on Trent and McManus Art Gallery & Museum in Dundee.

After 39 years within the industry Graham reflected on how the industry has changed from his perspective. “A lot has changed, from packing and moving wooden tea chests, which ripped your fingers apart, to cardboard boxes which saved the hands getting cut on a daily basis. Vans now have night heaters, so saved me taking a sleeping bag and three duvets when away on overnights, as well as power steering to make life easier when driving.  Furniture was built to last and didn’t need to be dismantled and reassembled like the modern furniture does these days.”

Graham plans to retire to spend more time with his family and his wife Jane, with the hope that they will soon get a husky dog to share the next chapter of his life and retirement with.

Reflecting on his time at Bishop’s, Graham said, “I have enjoyed my 39 years at Bishop’s Move and I can say one thing, it has kept me physically fit over the years. It will be hard to adjust to not coming to work on a daily basis, but I’m sure the guys won’t mind me nipping into the office for a cuppa now and again.”

  Al Bingle, Bishop’s Move’s Chief Operating Officer added, “We would like to thank Graham Burnett for his dedication and loyalty to the company and we wish him a fantastic retirement after so many years with us.” 

Photo: Graham Burnett