New MoveMan app reduces paperwork and improves data security

Jul 05 | 2019

Removals software specialist Enhanced Operating Systems Ltd has recently launched an app for its MoveMan product that enables crews to carry all the information they need such as job sheets, pick-up and delivery addresses, access information and other data without the need to carry paperwork.

Chris Elson (left) and Simon Maystre from Moveman

The app has the ability to capture photos of any damage noted by the crew on collection to avoid any disputes or insurance claims. The system also records the exact time the customer signed to confirm that the job had been completed and pins the location using GPS.

The captured data is sent via the phone network to the moving company’s office and seamlessly loaded into the MoveMan system. For added security, the app can be synched to the office system using Wi-Fi and automatically downloaded when the crew returns to base.

Using the app means that data does not have to be manually re-entered into the MoveMan system and the possibility of data sensitive paperwork being lost is eliminated.

The new app is available free from Google Play for MoveMan customers using Android devices. A version for iPhone users is expected to be launched in the near future.

Photo: Chris Elson (left) and Simon Maystre from MoveMan