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Video calls, conferencing and surveys: anywhere, anytime

Jan 09, 2020
Gruveo is an established video calling service that allows users to call anyone by video link without having to use a platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype. Users simply e-mail a link to their contact and the call can be instantly established with one click.

Art MatsakThe company was founded in 2013 by Art Matsak.  In a recent interview for The Mover, Art said he started the company to make video calling simpler.  “A Gruveo link lets the customer call you with video in one click, even on a smartphone.  There are no apps or accounts needed.” Once a customer has a link they can call you free from any device, including Windows or Mac, Android or iPhone. 

A Gruveo link can be to a specific team member or assigned to multiple representatives; calls can be with individuals or groups for video conferencing.

Art MatsakArt said that he has already received much interest from moving companies that are using the system to give their customers easy access to support and for performing remote surveys by video.  As calls are easily recorded, they can be played back to allow surveys to be analysed without the customer needing to be on the line.

Subscriptions to the system start at $29/month. For more information go to:

Photos. Art Matsak, Simple video calling from Gruveo

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