Monitor power usage in empty buildings free during COVID-19

Jun 22 | 2020

Optimal Monitoring in the UK is offering to help businesses minimise empty building energy spend during the coronavirus outbreak, free of charge.

emma-ai-software-to-monitor-power-usage-in-empty-buildingsThe EMMA AI (Artificial Intelligence) software monitors energy usage in buildings to make sure it’s not being wasted by identifying anomalies in usage and sending alerts.  This results in faster rectification and significant cost savings. This service can be delivered with a light touch, zero visitor contact and dependable control from a remote specialist team.

Duncan Everett, Optimal Managing Director, commented: "Right now everyone is feeling the pain. Staff costs have been cut as best they can be. Buildings have been closed. The next thing is to make sure that empty premises aren’t using energy unnecessarily. If you have half hourly data, we’ll give you EMMA AI at no charge as our contribution to the national response to get the country through this crisis."

Photo: EMMA AI software