Hand-held scanner for tyre tread depth

Aug 09 | 2023

AES UK (Automotive Equipment Solutions) has introduced a hand-held tyre scanner that allows commercial vehicle operators, workshops and tyre retailers to quickly and accurately measure tyre tread depth.

TreadReader Heavy-DutyTreadReader HD (Heavy Duty) is a compact, easy-to-use device that provides full-width tread depth analysis and creates a detailed scan of each tyre to within 0.2mm.

Used in combination with the cloud-based management platform app, TreadManager, the scanner calculates tyre tread depths with 3D colour-coded graphics showing tyre conditions, tread warnings and safety alerts, such as under-inflation or wheel alignment recommendation.  TreadManager can also be integrated seamlessly with workshop management systems via API access.

“This unique tool is set to revolutionise tyre management for all HGV, PSV and LCV operators,” said AES UK Director, Tom Coad. “Using the dedicated commercial vehicle iOS or Android app, each tyre can be measured in around 20 seconds with all tyre scan data saved to the cloud for printing out and used for potential DVSA checks and maintenance reports.”

Tom continued: “Uneven tyre wear is often connected with a wheel alignment problem. So, not only will the device immediately point to safety issues and potential tyre replacement, but it also provides early warning regarding mis-aligned wheels and axles. Workshops can therefore take immediate corrective action and then refer to the captured tyre data for ongoing wheel alignment checks.”

AES UK (Automotive Equipment Solutions) is the first UK distributor of TreadReader HD.

Photo: High accuracy tyre tread scanning.