Volvo’s most sold truck celebrates 30 years of innovation

Sep 06 | 2023

Volvo Trucks is celebrating 30 years since it launched the Volvo FH, the company’s most sold truck ever.

Volvo FH 30 yearsVolvo FH is one of the industry's most successful models ever with nearly 1.4 million trucks sold, in around 80 markets all over the world. New from the wheels up, offering excellent driveability and fuel efficiency, the Volvo FH quickly came to represent a completely new standard in truck driving when it was launched in 1993.

“The first-generation Volvo FH was a game changer that totally transformed the concept of a modern truck,” said Ylva Dalerstedt, Long Haul Segment Manager at Volvo Trucks. “Since then, we have continued to set new standards in trucking and launched five further generations of this truck. Our success formula has been to make use of the very latest technology in a way that always adds clear benefits for our customers and drivers. As proof of our successful continuous improvement efforts and constant evolution, I’m very proud that Volvo FH is the only truck that has been selected ‘International Truck of the Year’ three times.”

Photo: Volvo FH yesterday and today.