Gosselin inspires the moving industry towards greener packaging

Oct 09 | 2023

Gosselin has unveiled what it claims to be ‘the world’s most eco-friendly moving box’ at the IAM conference in Toronto.

Not a brown boxThe box is called Notabrownbox, with the implication that it’s a ‘green’ box. Notabrownbox is a moving box made from recycled cardboard that can be reused up to four times.

"Almost all moving boxes worldwide are printed with the logo of the moving company and used only once," explained Madeline Van der Rhee, Benelux Manager, who initiated the development of the Notabrownbox concept. "By designing a brand-free box made of thicker cardboard, we want to encourage movers to reuse and share these universal moving boxes."

From its launch on 9 October, 2023, Gosselin is introducing 150,000 brand-free moving boxes into circulation. The company says these will reduce CO2 emissions by 80 tonnes compared with a standard moving box made from recycled material, or by 144 tonnes compared with a new cardboard moving box.

Commenting on the launch in Toronto, Madeline explained that they hope to inspire the industry towards greater sustainability. "We aim to generate enthusiasm for this initiative among [the industry] so that Notabrownbox soon becomes the new standard for eco-friendly moving everywhere."

"It's a remarkable project that originates from a simple idea," said Marc Smet, CEO of the Gosselin Group. "The fact that the production cost of Notabrownbox is lower than that of a traditional moving box is a welcome bonus, even though it wasn't the primary focus. This aligns with our vision of uniting sustainability and cost efficiency. Gosselin will soon eliminate plastic bubble wrap as packaging material, and in the future, more ecologically motivated initiatives will follow."

Photo: Notabrownbox.