Yembo and Move4u integration

Oct 26 | 2023 and Move4u, two leading technology companies specialising in the moving industry, have announced their integration.

Move4u and YemboThe companies say this will offer seamless data transfer capabilities for moving companies using Yembo's pre-move survey technology and Move4u's CrewPro digital inventory platform.

This strategic partnership aims to significantly reduce the time required to complete digital inventories, thereby optimising operational efficiencies for moving companies.

Simplifying the pre-move survey to inventory workflow

The integration allows for quick and efficient transfer of pre-move survey data gathered through Yembo's advanced AI-powered technology directly to a driver and packing team using CrewPro's digital inventory platform. This provides the packing crew with thorough information in advance of the move and eliminates the need for manual entry during the inventory process, reducing potential errors and saving moving companies both time and labour costs.

Addressing disputes and customer modifications

One of the standout features of this integration is its ability to avoid disputes on moving day by identifying any additional items added to the move by the customer after the pre-move survey. This ensures that the moving process is transparent and agreed upon by all parties involved, thereby reducing the likelihood of disputes and unexpected costs.

Commenting on the integration, Joggie Taute, CEO of Move4U Technology said: “The relationship with Move4U and Yembo combines two of the leading digital solutions in the industry to provide moving companies with the perfect interface between the pre-move survey and the move day events. The integration delivers strong productivity benefits to moving companies by avoiding the need to start an inventory from scratch and delivers a modern relocation experience to their customers.”

Siddharth Mohan, CEO and Co-Founder of Yembo said: “Yembo is pleased to partner with Move4U to accelerate the adoption of technology into the moving industry. With this integration, our goal is to drive savings to moving companies by eliminating error-prone manual processes.”

The integration is free of charge to customers of and Move4U and moving companies will be able to license the products directly from the companies’ websites to enjoy the benefits of the cooperation.