Scania launched special edition Super Trouper

Apr 04 | 2024

The press release from Scania was infused with puns about ABBA songs, which have been surgically removed from this story. Save to say, however, that the new special edition Scania has a few features that some might find attractive.

Super Trouper GrilleThe company says its super-efficient powertrain will save 4-8% on fuel on long-haul operations; new OLED lights provide good all-round visibility and play a welcome and goodbye light sequence; Disco Orb aluminium wheels create a disco effect as the truck moves; the truck interior can be specified in Swedish heritage Royal Blue with gold stitching; the ambient lighting has multi-coloured sequencing built in; and there’s a new infotainment system with voice recognition.

Vera Havinnuon, Head of Påhittad Technology at Scania AF, said: “I have a dream to make a truck so special by focussing on the fundamentals. We’ve made sure it is fun to drive and feels the way old friends do. Because ultimately, we want drivers to feel like one of us.”

Sorry this story isn’t longer, but when we removed all the pop music references there wasn’t much left.  Not exactly a PR triumph!  Probably a nice truck though.

Photo: The Super Trouper grille.