EDC announces its MERCED AI business tools suite

May 07 | 2024

Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC), in the Washington, DC Metro area, has announced the release of MERCED™, its AI business tools suite.

Announcing MERCEDIn a press release the company said that 'MERCED is not just another AI solution, it’s a comprehensive software development and production environment that encompasses all aspects of database functionality, user interface, and AI-assisted logic scripting'.

The company claims that one of MERCED’s key differentiators is its unwavering standard of data security and privacy. MERCED ensures that sensitive and proprietary information remains protected and private, without sending data to external third-party providers for processing, as is common with other AI offerings. Data privacy is a significant advantage and requirement in today's data-driven digital business landscape, where protecting confidential information is paramount.

MERCED can stand alone or integrate seamlessly with existing software and partner systems, and uses advanced AI to understand data, find patterns, and provide practical suggestions relevant to any business.

MERCED’s features benefit moving and storage, relocation, and mobility with applications such as inventory management, conversions of handwritten weight tickets, inventories, documents and images to text, route optimisation, automated scheduling, dispatching, quoting and pricing, object recognition and virtual surveys, analysis of company financials and contracts, and more.

"We’re very excited to introduce MERCED to the world, representing a significant milestone in software innovation across all industries and markets," said Diana Corona, Co-Founder and President of EDC. "With its focus on data privacy, personalisation, and flexibility, MERCED ensures that our customers’ and their customers’ data stays safe, and guarantees that it will be personalised to each customer’s business model, not training their competitors through public AI data processing. It’s a true game-changer.”

EDC’s current software customers can look forward to seeing MERCED integrated within their EDC product solutions over the next few weeks. Additionally, EDC will be incorporating MERCED within its internal business processes, underscoring the company's enthusiasm for the transformative power of MERCED.

For more information about MERCED, click here.