New MovePro Toolkit from Cartus

Nov 28 | 2018

Cartus Corporation recently announced its new MovePro ToolKit that provides clients and customers with easy-to-use products to navigate the entire relocation process.

MovePro Timeline

MovePro Timeline updates employees in real time as their move progresses, shifting their activities as new data is entered and alerting transferees and assignees of key tasks, while predicting future events.

MovePro Dashboard

Cartus’ MovePro Dashboard is a business intelligence tool created with the modern mobility manager in mind. Completely customisable, the tool allows users to see and organise the most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with their employees’ relocations. 

MovePro BenefitsBuilder

MovePro BenefitsBuilder provides a new way for employees to manage their relocation journey. Mobility managers with points-based policies can enable employees to customise their relocation by choosing the services they want from their bank of relocation benefits.  

MovePro SmartWallet

MovePro SmartWallet is designed for clients with employees eligible for lower-tier benefits and offers them more options than just a payment and a handshake. Key features include: automated lump sum payment requests and disbursements; cost estimator and expense tracker; global supplier recommendations and self-referral options; integrated MLS real estate listings and broker selection; an interactive move timeline powered by predictive analytics; and comprehensive destination area information at the city and country level.