Cartus announces enhanced CartusOnline

May 10 | 2019

Cartus Corporation has recently launched an enhanced version of its client interface CartusOnline®.

It is the first of many planned tech enhancements Cartus will be unveiling over the coming months.  This latest version incorporates dynamic data analytics while offering a modern look and feel for an enhanced user experience. All clients will benefit from advanced business intelligence and data visualisation right on their homepage.

The new homepage offers mobility leaders a complete snapshot into their active relocations. Key features include:

  • Simplified navigation and streamlined interactivity;
  • Integrated data visualisations with enhanced drill-through capabilities;
  • Powerful ad hoc reporting capabilities to build your own reports from the ground up;
  • Consolidated “To Do” items with colour-coded badges;
  • Move phase categorisations;
  • Integrated feedback mechanism;
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design;
  • Advanced keyboard shortcuts for power users.

Cartus has also recently unveiled its next predictive analytics innovation for global relocation, MovePro Vision. MovePro Vision is the first client-facing product designed to anticipate events and provide data-driven decision support during the corporate relocation process. Clients who have completed a statistically significant number of moves - which is required to generate the data needed to fully benefit from this technology - can designate MovePro Vision access to key mobility leaders. 

MovePro Vision is powered by LEAP, Cartus’ Leading Edge Analytics Practice, which predicts and develops insights based on the company’s history of industry-exclusive data from 2.3 million relocations and 80 million financial transactions.