Arpin Group receives Eco-Educator Award

Jun 19 | 2019

Arpin Group recently received an Eco-Educator Award at the ‘Paris to Pittsburgh to New England’ community action event at the New England Institute of Technology.

The two-part event featured a panel discussion on climate change and a screening of Paris to Pittsburg, a new film produced by Bloomberg Philanthropies and RadicalMedia about the climate crisis.

Peter Arpin, Executive Vice President of Arpin Group and President and co-founder of Renewable Now Network said, “Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and we are at a defining moment. Don’t let anyone fool you; there is no aspect of our society, our community and our environment that won’t be affected. From business to health to national security, climate change is a threat that needs to be addressed.”

The Eco-Educator Award recognises individuals and organisations who advocate, promote or administer environmental education and awareness to the community.

Photo: Left to right: Arpin Sustainability Committee members Ben Steele, Naomi Herzfeld, Ciara Nallen and Ben Black, with Dr Karen Weber-Salamanca of Foundation for a Green Future who presented the award.

Arpin Group has received an Eco-Educator Award