New ‘Live-Chat’ service launched for the moving industry

Aug 08 | 2019

A new service, which claims to dramatically improve the number of leads generated from moving companies’ websites, has been launched by UK technology company Yomdel.

Andy Soloman and Simon Taylor from Yomdel

The system works in a similar way to a chatbot but crucially uses real people, fully briefed by the moving company, to answer questions and engage with website visitors. As a result, the number of engagements converted into solid leads, according to Yomdel, is around 40%.

Yomdel was founded in 2014 by Andy Soloman and began by offering its ‘live-chat’ service to estate agents. The company now has over 3,000 estate agents on its books, which accounts for around 55% of its business.  Other industry sectors include automotive, financial services, travel and legal services.

Having cut its teeth in the property market, the moving industry would seem like a natural progression for Yomdel, which became an affiliate member of BAR (The British Association of Removers) in 2018 and exhibited at the BAR conference in May this year.

Andy explained that Yomdel is a managed live-chat service that operates internationally 24/7 to engage with potential customers and build rapport in a gentle human way. Every interaction, which typically lasts around 14 minutes, is logged so that in the event of a return visit the customer is connected to the same operator who will be able to pick up the conversation from where they left off.

When the customer indicates that they want to move things forward - arrange a survey perhaps, or make more detailed enquiries - the Yomdel operator takes the customer’s contact details and either transfers them directly to the moving company’s office or, if out of hours, arranges for them to call back.

Yomdel charges a set-up fee of between £300 and £500 depending on the service required plus £15 (in the UK) for every qualified lead passed to the moving company, with a minimum spend of £150 per month. A detailed activity report is sent every month to enable customers to measure the performance of their investment.

In addition to its live-chat service, Yomdel provides mystery shopping, market research and live e-mail response services.

Photo: L/R Andy Soloman and Simon Taylor from Yomdel

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