Aires opens in Phoenix

Feb 21 | 2020

Aires has announced the opening of a new office in Phoenix, Arizona, to accommodate client growth and ensure strategic alignment in the Western region.

Peter Ferreira “We are very excited to expand into the Phoenix market,” said Aires’ President, Jeff Wangler. “Our goal is to always go where our clients need us, strategically positioning employees and aligning with our clients’ key locations.”

The local team will be led by Aires’ Regional Operations Manager, Peter Ferreira, a key Aires team member since 2012 who has 20 years of comprehensive relocation experience, having previously served in Aires’ regional offices in Dallas, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Danbury, Connecticut. Peter will lead a team of mobility industry experts experienced in providing high-quality service delivery.

“Not only does opening an office in Phoenix enable us to support the growth of our Western region, it has also introduced us to a highly talented market of new employees and candidates,” said Joleen Lauffer, Aires’ Executive Vice President.

Photo:  Peter Ferreira