The spirit of renewal

Mar 23 | 2020

Blossom in DCFreddy Paxton sent this image to The Mover on 19 March, 2020.  What’s the significance?  Well, FIDI was supposed to have been in Japan in April but was postponed, as were most other world events because of Coronavirus. Japan is famous for its cherry blossom in the springtime and these trees were given to the USA by Japan on March 27, 2010.  “They have become the true meaning of springtime here in DC,” said Freddy.

Of course, with much of the world in lockdown the usual bustling waterfront at the tidal basin in Washington was almost deserted, but the blossoms reminded Freddy of nature’s undefeatable ability to renew, even in the face of adversity.  “We will be back, we will continue on,” he said.

Photo:  Cherry blossom in DC.