Paramount joins Harmony

Apr 08 | 2020

The Harmony Relocation Network has announced that Paramount Transportation Systems (PTS), based in the USA and in Germany, became a full member on 1 May, 2020.

The Harmony Relocation Network In the USA, PTS has branches in San Marcos, California; Boston, Massachusetts; New York; Washington DC; Houston, Texas and Seattle, Washington. In Germany the locations are Frankfurt and Berlin. PTS has offices in other countries as well, but these have not joined the network.

Paul Bernardt, Managing Director of Harmony, said that PTS is among the largest bookers of HHG moving in the world, with both a solid market share with the RMCs, as well as a strong direct corporate focus. “We are confident that once normal economic activity returns, PTS will play an important role with the business they have. PTS already works with a fair amount of member companies, and those with whom they do not work will be given a fair chance to do so.”

Paul Bernardt“Being a member of Harmony will allow us to sell a truly global network of top-quality providers,” said Mike Keller from PTS. “Also, being able to trade with so many agents, and using the netting system to off-set the invoices, will be a huge efficiency benefit for a company our size.”

Photo: Paul Bernardt