IAM launches IAM Trusted Moving Specialist

Aug 03 | 2020

The International Association of Movers (IAM) has launched its IAM Trusted Moving Specialist (TMS) designation. It is a personal accreditation available to IAM members to help the widest possible range of people achieve a recognised industry qualification.

IAM Trusted Moving SpecialistIAM Trusted an umbrella designation that will eventually include accreditations for: IAM Trusted Moving Professional; IAM Trusted US Military Specialist; and IAM Trusted Mobility Professional. 

The IAM TMS designation requires individuals to participate in existing IAM educational courses and undergo an assessment.  IAM Trusted Moving Professional will, when available, require candidates to obtain accreditations from other industry organisations who choose to participate such as AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) or FIDI

All holders of an IAM Trusted Moving Specialist designation will have the relevant crest published on their profile on IAM Mobility Exchange, along with other industry qualifications, and may add it to their e-mail signature or LinkedIn profiles. 

Holders will be required to maintain their accreditation by obtaining qualification points throughout the year by attending IAM learning webinars or live training events, or by completing training programmes with cooperating industry organisations.

Abhilash Nair, from ISS Relocations in the Middle East, was one of the first people in the industry to achieve the TMS qualification.  See his video here.

Ray daSilva from Mobility Exchange, LLC said that TMS was a way for people to progress in the industry.  “First they can get the Trusted Moving Specialist designation then move up to Trusted Moving Professional,” he said. He added that the programme was run by an education committee of industry leaders, who are already involved with other groups, to aid collaboration. “For example, LACMA (Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association) has good packer training in different languages so there’s no need for IAM to compete.”

IAM TMS costs under $700 to obtain, with all validated members of IAM Mobility Exchange qualifying for a 25% discount.

Photo:  IAM Trusted logo