Formula Go import groupage service launched

Oct 08 | 2020

Formula Global Mobility - a leading international moving services provider - has launched Formula Go, a new import service for consolidated or groupage containers arriving in the United States aimed at making life easier for international moving companies around the world and their customers.

Formula Go recently launched in the US

Formula Go provides competitive rates through a modern flexible approach, that allows the customer to select from a menu of available services in addition to the reliable and efficient standard delivery service. Formula Go is supported by a strong technology solution that allows customers to complete forms and make payment online, together with an agent portal that allows moving companies to access delivery documents.

“We believe that groupage delivery services in the United States should be easier for moving companies and their customers around the world,” said Robson Granero, Chief Executive Officer of Formula Global Mobility. “Although we are rightly proud of our Formula Global Mobility full-service international move management capability in the United States, we believe that Formula Go will also become a leader in the international small shipment market segment.”

“Far too often groupage customers experience delays, unexpected costs, or pay for services such as unpacking that are never used,” added Mark Oakeshott, Strategic Advisor. “Formula Go is a competitive, efficient import groupage service that lets moving companies or their customers choose the services needed at destination.”

International moving companies can contact Formula Global Mobility for its easy-to-use rate calculator and further details of the Formula Go service by e-mailing Robson Granero.