JK Moving helps companies downsize

Oct 23 | 2023

As more companies pull back on office space and others pull out altogether, JK Moving Services in the USA has focussed more of its commercial efforts on decommissioning buildings in response to this trend and its clients’ needs.

David Cox“Interest rate hikes and more hybrid work options are causing big changes in the commercial real estate market,” explained David Cox, President, JK Moving. “Our clients need specialised services to help them shrink their footprint or move out. Our decommissioning programme ensures that facilities executives have an experienced partner to make the process simpler and more fluid.”

In June, the US office vacancy rate reached 17.1%, up 180 basis points from June 2022 with more than half of the top 25 markets above the national average, according to recent data by Commercial Edge. The report also noted rent prices decreasing in many markets. These indicators point to the growing need for decommissioning services.  Decommissioning is a normal part of the lifecycle of almost all facilities, but recent shifts have dramatically increased the need for it.

Decommissioning is the process of dismantling and removing a facility or system that is no longer in use. It is a complex and multi-step process that can vary depending on the type of facility or system being decommissioned. The process can encompass a wide range of needs, from a full office move to a remodel, to upgrades of furniture. Decommissioning services that JK offers include:

  • Asset inventories and value assessment;
  • Furniture/equipment disassembly and removal;
  • Hazardous waste disposal;
  • Cable abatement;
  • IT asset disposal;
  • Eco-friendly asset disposal, recycling, and reuse;
  • Space restoration and/or facility cleanup;
  • Storage and warehousing.

The company said that the programme helps clients develop a decommissioning plan that fits their goals, workforce needs, and corporate culture.  Companies considering downsizing should think about how space, furniture, and equipment have been used and identify where those needs are changing now. Decommissioning assets, such as outdated furniture, and having a plan for effectively managing electronic waste are important factors that can affect the bottom line. JK’s programme emphasises decommissioning that balances sustainability since it can soften the financial and environmental impacts.

Photo: David Cox.