Altair Global 2023 Supplier Partner Awards

Dec 20 | 2023

Altair Global hosted its seventh annual, invitation-only awards ceremony during Worldwide ERC’s Global Workforce Symposium to recognise its supplier partners’ outstanding achievements.

Supplier Partner Award Winners 2023The 2023 Supplier Partnership Awards represented a variety of categories to honour 12 partnerships with Altair, as well as Move For Hunger’s award for one supplier going above and beyond in food collection and donations.

The ‘All-Star Awards’ acknowledge outstanding supplier partners in their various fields of expertise. The 2023 winners were:

  • Move Management Services – US Domestic: New World Van Lines, Inc
  • Move Management Services – International: Armstrong Moving Ltd
  • Logistics Support Services: Reindeer Logistics, LLC
  • Destination Services: Relocity
  • Global Mobility Support Services: Learnlight
  • Real Estate Broker Services: Cooper & Cooper
  • Real Estate & Rental Support Services: Fidelity Residential Solutions


    The ‘Super Star Awards’ specifically recognize three suppliers for exceptional achievements in the areas of environmental consciousness, for multiple initiatives displaying significant results and environmental outcomes; humanitarian commitment, for significant impact in a humanitarian cause with conviction and dedication; and product/service innovation, for introducing a technology solution that positively influenced the mobility industry. The 2023 winners are:

  • Environmental Consciousness: BRS Global Mobility
  • Humanitarian Commitment: CORT
  • Innovation: ReloQuest, Inc

Altair Global’s ‘A Star is Born Award’, considered to be the rookie of the year designation, recognises a newly established relationship in which its partner, NetExpat, quickly distinguished itself and demonstrated its level of partnership by working closely with Altair’s Operations teams to ensure alignment on client partner needs.

The ‘Written in the Stars Award’ honours a long-standing relationship. Going-there Global Destination Services was selected for its outstanding partnership dedicated to the Altair customer experience and built on its resilience and ability to react quickly in support of Altair’s clients.

Lastly, the Move For Hunger Supplier of the Year Award was presented to Nelson Westerberg for efforts in collecting and delivering food to fight hunger and food waste.

"We are delighted and grateful for the ongoing relationship and effective partnership we have cultivated with each of these supplier partners," said Jim Edwards, Senior Vice President of Global Supplier Partnerships at Altair.

Photo: Altair Global Supplier Partnership Award winners 2023.