US Customs required to shield personal information ​

Feb 14 | 2024

On 31 January, 2024, the US Senate unanimously approved the Moving American’s Privacy Act that will require US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to remove sensitive manifest data for incoming shipments, before making them public.

Since 1984, Customs and Border Protection were required to publicly disclose certain manifest information, including passport and social security numbers.  This will no longer be permitted so people’s data can be kept safe in a digital world. The CBP will have 30 days in which to make arrangements to shield this information once the bill is signed into law.

Bill Lovejoy, Chairman of ATA’s Moving & Storage Conference and President of Republic Moving & Storage. “This isn’t just a win for the moving industry; it’s also a win for the American servicemembers and others who shouldn’t be at greater risk of identity theft simply because they moved back to the United States.”