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Saving the planet by going digital

Feb 07, 2019
Steve Jordan explains why The Mover is changing to a digital format.

Saving the planet by going digital

With effect from May this year we will stop printing and distributing The Mover in hard copy to the UK market and will produce the magazine in digital form only.  We know that this will disappoint some of our traditional readers in the UK but we feel it is essential to bring the magazine into the digital age and give our advertisers access to the maximum possible global readership. 

We did consider continuing with both the printed and digital formats but, in truth, having the hard copy version is very inhibiting for us and restricts our ability to maximise on the full benefit of digital media. For example, we can’t include video and audio in a paper copy, nor can we include live links to related stories and advertisers’ websites.  Having now developed our app that makes reading the online version really easy, even on a phone or tablet, we think it’s time to make the change.

But there’s another good reason to do it.  To make the paper on which we print The Mover every month, we need to chop down three trees.  That’s 36 trees a year or, in our 8-year history, close on 300 beautiful firs that have lost their lives for our benefit.  We don’t think that’s sustainable. Add to that the environmental impact of making and recycling (or not recycling) the plastic cover, the ink used in printing, and the diesel burned in distributing 2,500 copies nationwide, and we don’t think it’s responsible to continue as before.

So, our April issue will be the last in print.  If that’s the way you like to read The Mover please download our app now, it’s very easy to do and it’s free.  If you prefer you can just go to and click on the picture of the latest issue.  Once you get used to it, we are confident you’ll see the benefit of the online format and, while you are reading, remember that you are helping us to keep the environment safe for future generations.

We know that we can’t save the planet on our own, nobody can, but if we all make small, relevant changes in what we do, we can have a good go.

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