The Yembo phenomenon

Sep 07 | 2020

Steve Jordan looks at new technology that appears to move the world of video surveys on to another level.

The Yembo phenomenon

One thing nobody can deny is that the COVID pandemic has been the mother of invention, especially when it comes to technology.  Suddenly, all those meetings that we must have, flights we just have to make, and surveys we feel are essential to perform, have become impossible.  But technology came to our aid.

Of course, the technology was always there. Video surveys have been available for many years but, sometimes, we all need a little encouragement to diverge from what we have always done.  None of us has ever lived in a COVID-19 world before, so the old rules went out the back door. Technology has taken on a new importance.

I am just as guilty as everyone else.  I remember last year at IAM (International Association of Movers) in Chicago, I was walking around the exhibition area and came across Yembo.  It was a company that I didn’t know, that supplied video survey technology.  They said it was different.  I don’t think I could be bothered at the time to find out in what way.  I was leaving that day and more interested in making the taxi to the airport than discovering something new.  Today I feel a bit like the record producer that said no to the Beatles. Yembo really does appear to be different …

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