New membership criteria for Harmony

Jul 06 | 2021

The Harmony Relocation Network has recently updated its membership criteria. According to Paul Bernardt, Harmony’s managing director, the changes have been implemented to bring the rules more into line with the needs of the current market.

Paul Bernardt “The [old] rules date back to 2002, when the world was a lot simpler and our network really was made up mostly of small to medium-sized single location companies,” he said.

Paul explained that in recent years Harmony has attracted larger bookers. “Under our new strategy, we support our member companies with booking more business. With a growing membership, we’ve also seen a more diverse group of companies. One of the things I’ve always found important in our network, is that we need to create a culture and corresponding governance structure that allows companies to grow in a way that fits them, and try to facilitate that, rather than oppress companies’ ambitions to grow by imposing ‘silly rules’. Currently, we have such a wide variety of companies in the network, that we thought it was time to adapt the rules around the different membership types that we have.” 

Financial netting is an important service provided by Harmony ...

Photo: Paul Bernardt

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