BAR Young Movers: Taking the chair

Nov 09 | 2021

Steve Jordan interviews Mairead Almandras as she settles into the role as chair of the UK Young Movers.

Mairead AlmandrasMairead Almandras is the daughter of Stuart Almandras from Britannia Sandersteads in the UK.  Like many new generations in family businesses, she’s been involved with the company almost as long as she can remember.  After around ten years working full-time, she’s now a sales co-ordinator dealing with both domestic and international customers.   

In June 2021, Mairead took over from Ciaran Mullarkey as chair of the BAR Young Movers.  She’d joined the Young Movers Council shortly after its formation when the boys said that it needed a girl, and has served two years as vice chair. “This industry is very male orientated so it's nice to have a bit of a feminine touch, a different opinion from a different gender.  Also, if there's a girl on the Council then other girls know that there is an opportunity for them too.”

Mairead explained that a key achievement for the group recently has been the introduction of individual membership in common with BAR.  “It costs just £55 to join if you are already a member of BAR,” she explained. “If you are not you will need to become an individual member of BAR as well.”  This costs an additional £100.

It’s an inclusive organisation. “We want to open this up to everybody,” said Mairead. “We want porters, drivers, office staff, everyone to join us, to feel confident and to want to be part of our organisation. It gives people an insight into what is achievable within the business, to meet others and to learn.” ...

Photo: Mairead Almandras.

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