IAM to introduce IAMTrusted Moving Company (ITMC) status to help prevent and resolve industry disputes

Oct 31 | 2022

At its annual conference to be held in Atlanta in November 2022, IAM (International Association of Movers) will introduce its new IAMTrusted Moving Company (ITMC) programme aimed at identifying the most trusted companies in the industry and aiding with speedy dispute resolution.

Ray daSilva Early adopters will be able to sign up for ITMC in November, with the main launch in April 2023.

Ray daSilva, from IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX) worked closely with the IAM in developing the programme.  For some time IAM has offered validated status to its members to ensure that the qualification claims they make in their IAMX company profile listing can be trusted, but Ray said that this new initiative aims to take that trust to the next level.

He said that for years the industry has operated on an implicit acceptance that companies would exchange business based on ad hoc, non-contractual relationships made at conferences or perhaps no relationship at all. “It’s based on the principle that you promise to look after my customer and I promise to pay you,” he explained. “Remarkably, this works quite well most of the time but in the few exceptions where there is a misunderstanding, the service isn’t performed properly or someone doesn’t get paid, disputes arise causing frustration, inefficiency and bad will. That’s what we are trying to address with the ITMC concept.”

Based upon the foundation of the IAM Code of Ethics and the IAMTrusted Moving Company Agreement, the ITMC programme provides common sense rules for the way companies should work together ...

Photo: Ray daSilva.

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