Year-round promotion for nothing

Dec 06 | 2022

Steve Jordan asks why many moving companies don’t use trade magazines to promote their companies all year round.

I have just got back from the conferences in Atlanta. It was nice to see everyone again, but it left me somewhat puzzled. Why does everyone make so much effort, and spend so much money, to keep in touch with, and keep their businesses in front of, the rest of the industry a few times a year, but refuses to do it for nothing the rest of the time?  Let me explain.

The Mover might be the only independent magazine for the industry, but there are many others associated with groups: FIDI Focus, The Portal, etc. All of them have the same problem. You don’t talk to us. It’s a constant battle every issue to find interesting, relevant content. Stories sent to us are published, if they are appropriate, free of charge. They have the power to keep your company and your people (including you) in the forefront of the industry, for nothing. But most of you don’t send us anything. Why not? Well, I have my theories.

Maybe you are shy ... You are not used to writing or your first language is not English ... But actually, I don’t think it’s either of the above ...

Photo: Steve Jordan, Editor, The Mover.

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