‘password’ overtakes ‘123456’ as UK’s favourite password!

Jan 10 | 2023

According to password management company NordPass, in 2022 ‘password’ became the most used security password in the United Kingdom putting last year’s winner, ‘123456’, into second place.

‘password’ overtakes ‘123456’ as UK’s favourite password

 And the UK is not alone. Globally the most common password in 2022 is also ‘password’.

This year's NordPass study looked into password creation trends worldwide and how password usage differed in 30 researched countries. For the first time, NordPass also analysed how pop culture trends influence our password choices.

Below are the 10 most common passwords in the UK:

1.   password
2.   123456
3.   guest
4.   liverpool
5.   qwerty
6.   arsenal
7.   123456789
8.   password1
9.   12345
10. 12345678

Despite cybersecurity experts' continuous warnings about the consequences of irresponsible password management, Internet users were found guilty again. Compared to the data from 2021, 73% of the 200 most common passwords in 2022 remain the same. Furthermore, 83% of the passwords in this year’s list can be cracked in less than a second.

However, this year, NordPass presented both a global list as well as segregated data for 30 countries worldwide. Gender-specific information is also available on the NordPass website ...

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