In praise of diversification

Sep 07 | 2023

A view of diversification within the industry by a company who has made it a success.

Konrad Tomaszuk, Wojciech Kwiatek, Filip BaranowskiRosebrock in Germany has a long history dating back to 1897 when the company started in Bremen.  Today it is run by General Manager Martin Sommer, the grandson of the IAM Hall of Honor member, Mr Richard Sommer, who led Rosebrock from the 1930s and developed it into a worldwide moving company and port agency.

It was Richard Sommer’s dream to expand the presence of Rosebrock in Europe and establish a branch office outside of Germany. In 2017 Martin was able to fulfil his grandfather's dream by establishing a branch office in Warsaw. The newly opened office is headed by its Country Director, Wojciech Kwiatek.  

Rosebrock Warsaw Team But this expansion was just an illustration of the company’s policy of diversification which has seen it focus on all aspects of the moving business, including: port handling, container handling, import and export of vehicles, airfreight and the development of a new furniture division for deliveries of new furniture from the manufacturers to offices and private apartments.

“Running a company with diversified businesses is a great entrepreneurial adventure,” said Wojciech Kwiatek. “It provides a lot of satisfaction and enables us to develop and learn new things every day.” Indeed, the Warsaw branch has also diversified to include international moving, general cargo and road freight.

International Moving
The international moving side of the business in Warsaw has recently become the first in Poland to be awarded with the IAM Trusted Moving Company designation.  The moving department is run by Filip Baranowski and deals with commercial moves and those from the US Department of State and Department of Defense ...

Top (left to right): Konrad Tomaszuk, Wojciech Kwiatek and Filip Baranowski.
Bottom: The Rosebrock Warsaw office staff.

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