Mixing traditional and online moving in India

Sep 07 | 2023

Rahul Pillai, launches Hybrid Shifting Solutions to disrupt the Indian relocation market.

Rahul PillaiRahul Pillai has joined hands with Rijish AV and Prakash K, Founders of Transworld International, to launch a new venture: Hybrid Shifting Solutions.  The company says it is a unique concept of traditional and technology-based moving services for the Indian market. Hybrid aims to revolutionise the moving and relocation market in India and at a global level. The new venture offers tech-enabled, AI-powered moving services to overseas agents and the both business and private customers.

Hybrid is based in Bangalore and started operations on 1st April 2023.  The company secured its first investment from Transworld International of US$ 2.5 million with an additional US$ 10 million committed in cash and infrastructure support. The company says the investment will be ‘used in enhancing its robust technology platform, the network and infrastructure, further expansion of service segments and establishing its strong market presence over the next 2–4 years’.

Recently Hybrid Shifting Solutions acquired Pikkol, India’s first- ever instant-pricing, auto-quoting engine and technology-based moving company originally started in 2015 by Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) alumni, Deepu Chandran.  The company claims Pikkol to be ‘India's largest and most innovative tech-enabled B2C moving brand with a world-class tech packing and moving platform’ ...

Hybrid Shifting Solutions offers moving services throughout India and internationally for corporate accounts, agents and
private individuals ...

Photo: Rahul Pillai.

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